The Group

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           Craig Walling (PI)

            University of Edinburgh Chancellor’s Fellow





          Josh Moatt

           Postdoctoral Research Associate

           Funded by: The Leverhulme Trust




           Eevi Savola

            PhD Student - with Pedro Vale

            Funded by: BBSRC Eastbio DTP




          Libbi Gray

            PhD Student - with Ally Phillimore

            Funded by: NERC E3 DTP




          Paul McNeil

           Research Assistant

           Funded by: The Leverhulme Trust




          Ali Hudson

           Research Technician

           Funded by: The Leverhulme Trust



Past Members

Allison Pavitt  PhD Student – Completed 2015

Kay Boulton  PhD Student – Completed 2014

Liz Heap  Research Technician

Fiona Moon  Research Assistant

Lzzy Loffill  Research Technician

Luke Mitchell Research Technician

Murray Fyfe Research Technician

Sam Mitchell Summer Student