Josh Moatt

     Josh Moatt

     Postdoctoral Research Associate

     Funded by: Leverhulme Trust


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I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. My research interests lie in life history trade-offs between lifespan and reproduction, particularly interventions which alter the resolution of this trade-off. My current research is exploring the evolutionary mechanisms underpinning dietary restriction (DR) responses. Further information about my research can be found on my website.

I carried out my PhD in the Walling Lab, using nutritional geometry to explore DR responses in a non-model vertebrate species. In line with my broader interests, the majority of this work explored how diet influenced the trade-off between lifespan and reproduction. However I also explored a wide range of other traits, including: senescence, condition (health), body composition, growth and activity. In addition to my experimental work, I carried out a meta-analysis exploring the universality of the reduction in reproduction under DR. This meta-analysis was carried out in collaboration with Dr Shinichi Nakagawa, University of New South Wales.

Prior to my PhD, I carried out an MSc (by Research) at The University of York with Dr Michael Thom (now University of Plymouth). This research focussed on the life-history trade-offs associated with plastic sperm competition responses in Drosophila melanogaster. Particularly I examined whether increased reproductive investment, due to a perceived high sperm competition environment, resulted in a reduction in longevity.


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